Close protection shooting course

You are a close protection officer, bodyguard, SIA licensed, or just like shooting? The ASPIS Formation Training Center trains you in specific close protection shooting to be integrated into a team of armed bodyguards. Find out more below about the prerequisites to become a Qualified Close Protection Shooter as well as about the program and contact the Close Protection Training Center to register!

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Presentation of the course :

Objectives: To acquire, maintain and / or perfect all the specific aspects of shooting applied to close protection in order to be able to carry a handgun in a Protective Security Detail


  • Comply with thepre-course interview.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Can justify the practice of shooting (shooting license, military or police background...).
  • Be fit enough to practice shooting and sport from a medical point of view (running, combat sport, shooting) justified by a medical certificate of less than 1 month.
  • Submit a valid third-party liability insurance certificate.

 Public: Any person respecting the prerequisites

 Teaching resources: theoretical contributions and practice.

Time division: 15% classroom and 85% on the firing range.

Individual material resources: 1 Glock 17 + 3000 9mm cartridges per person + adapted cases + hearing protection.

Duration: 12 days or 108 hours over two weeks - 11 modules 10 days 90 hours- 3 modules options 2 days

Hours: Monday to Sunday and Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 1:30pm to 6:30pm

Training and accommodation site (Szczecin Poland): Click here

Price: request a quote, click here

Dates: Next sessions from 11 to 22 march 2019

The course includes: Full board (accommodation in a double room, breakfast, lunch, dinner) + weapon rental + 3000 ammunition of 9mm + equipment (cases, ears and eyes protection) + access to the steps of indoor and outdoor firing range + targets material.

Educational Program :

  • Basic manipulations
  • Employment procedures
  • The target shot
  • Reloads
  • Adaptation to shelters
  • Work in reaction
  • The resolution of mechanical stops
  • Progression techniques
  • The work of discernment
  • Simulations
  • Professional situations in close protection
    • Shooting safety in close protection.
    • Knowledge of specific shooting equipment for close protection.
    • Weapon Knowledge.
    • Handling and specific gesture of the close protection officer.
    • Shooting techniques.
    • Fixing module shooting.
    • Evacuation module shooting.
    • Specific shooting
  • Medicine in remote areas MIRA
  • First Person on Scene-Intermediate FPOS-I.
  • Firearm certificates: ISO MFCC
Validations: Firearm Training Certificate ASPIS Formation.
Validations options: International Certificate MFCC Firearm Certificates,MIRA Medicine in remote areas,  FPOSI First Person on Scene Intermediate (First Aid level recognized and compulsory internationally) +

 Trainers are holders of shooting instructors diplomas of the National Police and the French Army: National Police (PN): Shooting Monitor, operational shooter, high-precision shooter, Qualified shooter handgun and assault rifle, Close Protection Instructor (DGSE/MOD).

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